Monday, March 30, 2009

Old Recipe Yummy Cake

I busted out my Nonno's recipe book that my Dad gave to me when he passed away. He loved to cook and was always tearing things out of the newspaper and magazines and pasting them into this book of his. So we made the Jello cake. We actually made 2 cakes. We came up with a Gluten Free one for me! It's baking in the oven right now smells great!! Can't wait for dessert tonight!


  1. Oh man, I remember this cake. My Grandma used to make it. It is SO YUMMY! Enjoy!

    New Weaver Mom

  2. My Grandpa made one of these for me once. He was an awesome baker and cook. I look forward to hearing how the gluten free version turns out!!

  3. The Gluten free cake was ok but not fabulous. I have been using the Pamelas baking mix and the cakes always seem to start getting really brown before the center is cooked. Time for a new gluten free cake recipe. But hey its cake I ate it anyways and pretended it was good LOL !!


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