Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Fashion ~ Just for Fun !!

Anna decided today she would like to host a spring fashion show here on the blog with her American Girl Dolls ~ She hopes you enjoy this collection of fashion that she has put together. This was a great opportunity for us to talk about modesty and if the outfits she chose were modest and how we could make them more modest if they were not. But it was also alot of fun!! I also think the hair stylist did an amazing job!
Fashion Cordinator ~ Anna Watts
Photographer ~ Anna Watts
Hair Stylist ~ Heather Watts


  1. My daughters LOVE American Girls and enjoyed watching this! :) Have a beautiful rest of the day!

  2. SO PRECIOUS! My Susanne is so into her American Girl doll. She got one for her 8th birthday this year and my Sister, my Mom, and I made several items of clothing for her! What a sweetie your girl is! :)


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