Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Path that Leads to Home ......

We are keeping busy in our Temporary home as we await to see where the Lord will be leading us to call a more permanent home. But they say home is where your heart is, so for now we call this home and what a blessing it is to be a homemaker, Anna and I enjoy being busy in our home serving our family.
Some snapshots from a day around our home and a poem for you to enjoy.

The Path That Leads to Home.
By Edgar Albert Guest


The little path that leads to home,
That is the road for me,
I know no finer path to roam,
With finer sights to see.
With thoroughfares the world is lined
That lead to wonders new,
But he who treads them leaves behind
The tender things and true.


Oh, north and south and east and west
The crowded roadways go,
And sweating brow and weary breast
Are all they seem to know.
And mad for pleasure some are bent,
And some are seeking fame,
And some are sick with discontent,
And some are bruised and lame.


Across the world the gleaming steel
Holds out its lure for men,
But no one finds his comfort real
Till he comes home again.
And charted lanes now line the sea
For weary hearts to roam,
But, Oh, the finest path to me
Is that which leads to home.


'Tis there I come to laughing eyes
And find a welcome true;
'Tis there all care behind me lies
And joy is ever new.
And, Oh, when every day is done
Upon that little street,
A pair of rosy youngsters run
To me with flying feet.


The world with myriad paths is lined
But one alone for me,
One little road where I may find
The charms I want to see.
Though thoroughfares majestic call
The multitude to roam,
I would not leave, to know them all,
The path that leads to home.

The verse that we feel encouraged by today~
Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
Matthew 19:26


  1. I can't imagine moving like you have been. You have a great attitude and remind me that I should love where I live because it is where I have been placed be God!

  2. always inspirational Heather, thank you! what a beautiful poem.

  3. Hi Heather,

    Edgar Guest is one of my favorite poets. The American poet... prolific, unpretentious, love of country, love of family.

    Some of my favorite:
    Only a Dad
    Baby Feet
    When You Know a Fellow

    I have thought about doing a post. Here is a link to some of his poems:

    Nice post!

  4. Lovely! I love the music too! With God all things are possible!


  5. What great encouragement this was! As you know, we're in a new home, too, and I have to remind myself to be content where I am and make the most of each day God gives me. I'm praying that the Lord leads me to some great friends in our area and to get to know our neighbors.:)


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