Thursday, February 25, 2010

Unit Study Of Japan

In our homeschool we love to do unit studies, we do these with our Weaver Curriculum and sometimes we do them separate from our normal studies when the children have a desire to learn about a topic in particular. We find nothing more enjoyable than an immersion into the things we love. With Anna's father in Asia this week. We decided to jump into a Unit Study on Asia & Japan.

When we decide on a topic we always head over to the book shelf to see what we have available to read and learn.

Then we pile up our books and choose what to read...
Some geography, photography, & literature...


Then we head over to the computer desk to get paper and file folders and this time we printed some worksheets off
Enchanted Learning and we decided to make our own lapbook that we filled with our worksheets, & crafts all about Japan.


Then we headed over to the arts and crafts bin and dug out some art supplies. We decided to have fun with Origami and then we made a Koi fish wind sock.





We looked and played with some currency that Mr.Watts brought back from his last trip to Asia. And then we curled up on the couch and we looked at some photography and maps from Asia and read some old folk tales from Japan.

That is how we like to do a Unit Study in our home. It does not have to be something really complicated or take weeks to plan. I have found that some of our best units the ones my children have retained the most from are the ones we did not plan out in advance but
just jumped right into.
And Anna is feeling much closer to her Daddy now that she knows all about Asia & Japan and where he is.

Update on Wyatt: Wyatt our puppy is spending the night with the vet he looked sick today and did not want to eat...we are not sure what is wrong. The children said a very nice prayer for him Hopefully he will be feeling better soon and be able to come home.

For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.
Psalm 57:10


  1. Good morning, Heather!

    I really enjoy reading about the exciting things you do during your schooling with the kids! My children (ages 18-31) have gone to public school, homeschooled and Christian school. I homeschooled Abbey K-3 then she went to a wonderful Christian school that I was so sad to have her leave. But in circumstances out of our control, the Lord lead her to public school and much to my surprise, it has been a most positive experience.

    My daughter, Jamie did NOT want to go to the public high school after finishing middle school. We were seeking schooling alternatives for our oldest at the time and God was pointing to homeschool Jamie! As we schooled Jamie (9th), her twin sister happily headed to the public school, adamant that she did NOT want anything to do with staying home. Three months later she decided she would like to be schooled at home too.

    So the following year we did 1st for Abbey and 10th for Jill and Jamie.

    Then Jamie had her heart set on Christian School. We told her if she paid for half we would match her the other half (wanting to see how great her desire really was). She was just 16 and got a job at a nearby Burger King and paid for her part! So, we schooled Abbey (2nd) and Jill (11th) and Jamie went to Christian school.

    Well, for their Senior year both Jill and Jamie went full time to Christian school and I schooled Abbey for 3rd grade. Our oldest got her GED and headed to a really nice beauty School where is was trained and later got her Certificate. She is an awesome hair stylist!

    Abbey is completing her Senior year at public school. And now our children are making the very hard schooling decisions for their children! Thankfully the Lord leads for the needs of each child.

    So sorry about the long post! I am just so full of energy in the morning! :)

    Blessing to you and your family!

  2. What a very grand way to learn about anything! I wish I would have been brave enough to try homeschooling when my girls were in school. I'd do it now in a heartbeat!
    What a nice windsock Anna has made! And poor *little* Wyatt ~ pets always seem to pick up something when they are at the vet.
    Hugs and Blessings!

  3. We used to do the unit studies too and enjoyed them a lot. Our kids found that to be much more enjoyable than conventional studies.

    I thought I had a LOT of books! hehehe

    You enjoy your day with the kiddos!

  4. Dear Heather,

    What a wonderful opportunity to not only learn about where the children's father is, but to fill those lonely days while he's gone!

    We had a lot of fun when we studied Japan a couple of years back; we'll have to do it again :) . I DID buy some Japanese-looking bowls at the thrift store yesterday, and soba noodles sounds really good right now :).

    Oh, and poor "little" Wyatt~I hope he's feeling better soon.



  5. What a great way to teach about a country and totally immerse yourself in the culture.

    My sons would have really like to have visited you today since they are both great fans of the Japanese culture. My oldest plays a great deal of Japanese classical music on the piano and my middle son does a great deal of origami.

    Boy, I must say that our boys sure have a great deal in common ~ do any of them like leggos?

    I pray that Wyatt's condition will not be too serious.

    Blessings dear friend,


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    Have a blessed day!
    Kristi Gesink


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