Thursday, February 18, 2010

What a week .....lets have a Giveaway!!!

It has been gorgeous in California this week.
Wyatt the puppy goes in tomorrow for surgery on his eye, we did finally get him into the car
Thank you also for your prayers I am feeling much better.
We are spending lots of time outside soaking up this warm sunshine that God has blessed us with this week.
Here are some snapshots of our week and be sure to check the end of the post for a Special Giveaway~

Outside playing in the sun...

We took the laundry outdoors to do some old fashioned hand washing ....the clothes smelled so wonderful after drying in the sun.

We managed to get Wyatt in the car. Wyatt does not like riding in the car and it is very difficult to force 85lbs. to do something it does not want to do...Mastiffs are known for being stubborn we seem to have gotten a very stubborn one lol!!

Wyatt decided to pretend he was a lap dog!!


Our garden is well under way...we are thinking already about talking to Mr.Watts about our expansion ideas :)


Our soap came in from The Moss and Fern Etsy StoreThank you Michele this is our first time buying something off Etsy .....The soap is wonderful and I am keeping it in my bathroom although the children keep sneaking in to use it...

We found this cute rocking chair at the thrift store this week...Anna has enjoyed reading her books and rocking away ....

And no cookies with my tea this week after my nasty migraine I have finally got around to starting the McCombs plan again which means NO SUGAR AGHHHHHHHHH!! I am looking forward to feeling better!! I will miss you cookies :)

The Giveaway
~Drawing on Friday March 12th 2010~
As a token of our appreciation for all you Ladies who follow us and pray for us and encourage us we are so thankful for you that this giveaway is for you!! Anna and I have picked out a few of our favorite things to share!
The only catch is this giveaway is only for Followers of the Blog ~(if you comment with us regularly but have not joined us or follow privately please feel free to enter also. We know who you are ;)
Just leave a comment below and we will enter your name~
Here is a list of the goodies in the basket(wicker basket not included sorry)
We will be sending a little spring in your direction!!

1 Smith& Hawkin garden apron with cute little birds on it..
1 Smith& Hawkin stainless steel garden shovel
1 Straw sun visor
2 Packets of seeds
2 Pads of Beatrix Potter notepad paper
1 Journal filled with bible verses and encouraging quotes
1 Flip book for daily bible verse by Elizabeth George
1 Hallmark Moms photoalbum with voice recorder.
1 box of our favorite Raspberry Hibiscus Tea

We Hope you have a wonderful weekend
Blessings ~Heather

Hebrews 10:24
And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.


  1. My dear friend,

    I am so glad that you are feeling better...oh, those nasty migranes, they can sure put a damper on your day :(

    You did the clothes by hand...good for you! I only do those in the spring and summer, when I can do it outside and hang them right away :)

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden...I am so looking forward to Spring!

    You and Anna have created a lovely basket...

    May the Lord bless you and keep you in perfect peace!


  2. Heather,

    I am so glad that you are feeling better. I have been praying for you! We too have spent a lot of time outside. We have been weeding a lot today. I haven't hung any laundry out yet, but probable tomorrow. I am working on a cute clothespin bag. ;o)

    What a lovely give away! I would love to be entered!!

    I hope all goes well with Wyatt!

    Love, Heather

  3. What an exciting giveaway! You sure did have a busy week! I love the rocking chair you found! Very nice!

    Happy you are feeling better too!
    Hoping Wyatt's surgery goes well and your big guy is home soon!

  4. Goodness! Where do you find such delightful thrifts? Unfortunately, my local thrift stores do not carry much worth buying other than some forks when they run out (we have no idea where they go, but I hope they're having fun :)). Your garden is very tidy and cute!
    I would very much like to enter the giveaway!
    Get well soon, Wyatt :D

    Grace Marie

  5. Wow! You have been busy this week! So glad the weather has been nice for you! We have had a couple of sunny days but still quite a chill in the air and freezing at night!
    Hope Wyatt does well with the surgery! And you all don't need a chiropractor after the trips in and out of the car!
    Oh, your garden is doing magnificently!I am just getting things ready to plant peas! And start a couple of things indoors.
    I love Michele's soap! And did she tell you the bird prints on the tag are her own paintings? I'm her mom so I can brag, right? ;~P
    What a sweet rocker ~ I would like to rock and read in it too! But I'm afraid I would have to be a bit *smaller* or saw the arms off! haha
    I will have to check out the McCombs plan you talk about. Sounds interesting!
    What a fantastic giveaaway! You are so generous. All wonderful goodies to kick off spring! I love the straw visor!

  6. Oh what a most wonderful gift!
    I have been a happy follower for a long time~I love your blog!
    Have a wonderful weekend~

  7. What a great giveaway...enter me in.:) Your post reminds me that I need to start moving towards starting some seedlings. My husband is planning to help me get the area ready for planting. We'll see how it turns out.:)

  8. Wyatt, the garden and the library with rocking chair...I just love the way you all live. I hope all will be well with Wyatt. Fresh laundry...fresh is all so refreshing in this artificial corrupt world we live in. Blessings to you Heather and the family.

  9. Hello friend!

    I have missed you on Facebook! Anyway, your life is so blissful! I love reading about your adventures around home. I love the rocking chair - and long for one myself so I can curl up with some books and read away with my babies.

    I am trying to replace my sweets with fruit lately. Every time I crave something chocolate or sweet, I go for an apple or orange. It's working! But oh how I love my chocolate! lol

    I would love to be entered into the drawing!

    P.S. Your Valentine's Day gift was soooo wonderful! Thank you for thinking of me! :)

  10. Dear Heather! I am so thankful that you are feeling better again! And that Wyatt will be feeling better again too! I cringed a little when I saw you lifting him into the back of the car. I sure hope your head wasn't pounding when you had to do that!

    Your gardens are looking amazing!! I love the rocking chair and the soap and that cutie on the swings, and, and, and,... :o).

    Considering I won your last giveaway (I am enjoying my tea cozy immensely!!), I think I should let others have a chance. It looks wonderful though!!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  11. I just have to say that when I saw your "new" rocking chair I thought of my favorite rocking chair that was my mom's and who know before that. It is mine now :) - it looks like yours has similar spindles in the back.
    I can only dream of our garden at this time of year but am looking forward to finally being able to plant. Enjoy the beautiful weather you have!
    I'd love to be entered in the giveaway, what great items you picked out!

  12. Hi Heather! We hope Wyatt is doing well with his surgery. It's interesting; my husband's parents had a mastiff with a funny eye thing like that too. Huh.

    I am just drooling over your magnificent garden!!! Looks like a French jardin. =) And the rocker is quite the find, too!

    I'm so glad you're all enjoying the soap! And I think I'll have you take my photos from now on; it looks so much better on your cute little sink! =)

    And finally, that incredible giveaway! Wow! What more can I say? I'd love to be entered. Thanks!


  13. Oh! seeing your garden starting just makes me long for spring! What a pretty day you all had. And what a wonderful giveaway! Count me in, of course!~

  14. Hi Heather,
    Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hope Wyatt does well with his surgery.
    Your garden just makes me antsy. I was looking at a Gurney's catalogue today! But, it is still winter here.
    You have put together such a lovely giveaway. I'd love to be entered in the drawing.
    God bless,

  15. you guys are awesome thrift shoppers!! Please include me in your drawing... what wonderful goodies!!


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