Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Homeschool E ~Zine

We in the past have used penmanship from the Lighthome publications but we just signed up for the bi-monthly E-zine they have. I think we paid like 6$ for this it was on sale at curr click. This is wonderful if you are looking to throw in some extra fun into your day. I always try to include something fun for the kids to do and we save that for last. I find they always look forward to the end of the school day and not because it means they are finished with school but because something fun is waiting. I have found also that since I always include coloring this has really helped to improve their art and their penmanship skills as well. These sort of things have been great for keeping the kids busy at the table as well when I have needed to do printing or an school record keeping. Something else I would suggest as a great art tool for older children when you want to bring them beyond crayons is a really good set of pencil crayons. If you can find the woodless colored pencils these are a great tool for kids to use. We have found them at Michaels Craft stores. You can see in the picture below Liam used them and the color is very rich. I will include a link for them on line. WOODLESS COLORED PENCIL
Liam coloring his E ~Zine


  1. The coloured pencils look wonderful! I agree that colouring does help with penmanship. Hope you are enjoying a lovely day!

  2. thanks Emily high of 89 and lots of sunshine makes it hard not to have a good day lol!!


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