Friday, September 18, 2009

Beautiful and Different Country

We have arrived safely in San Diego, thanks so much for all those praying for us we so appreciate and covet your prayers during this time. It is such a comfort to hear the bing bing of my blackberry and look down and see such encouraging words and prayers offered to us. I can't even tell you how much it means. I leave them in my phone and go back and reread them as encouragement. As many of you know moving is not easy no matter how the situation is packaged. So thank you again for the prayers and encouragement they are wonderful reminders that we are in the hands of The Lord Almighty as we walk day by day through this move.

We have had a day and a half now to drive all over and really get a feel for the area. Adrian and I have definitely fell in love with the country out here. It is so different from any where we have lived and so beautiful in new ways that we have not seen before.


We have spent much time enjoying the majestic scenery on the country roads looking for afordable homes for sale. We are hoping that once we meet with the realtor today he will be able to show us some homes that might work for us.


  1. Have an enjoyable and relaxing time in San Diego! Hope and pray all goes well with finding a home. Keep us posted.:)

  2. It is beautiful out there. God will show you just the right place for you and your family! Praying his blessings on your trip!

  3. Praying for your trip and that you can find exactly what God would have you get!

  4. Enjoy your journey~
    Thinking of you in my prayers!


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