Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tea and Treasures at Grandpa's

We are visiting with my father Anna's Grandpa, before our big move to the west coast. Anna has a special relationship with her grandpa, when Anna was born we were actually living here with my father we had recently moved back from Alaska so this is Anna's first home. We are still enjoying Tea where ever we seem to be and our Tea time looks a little different, with our teapots and teacups packed up for our move.

We enjoyed Rooibos Tea with a little milk along with some enjoy life gluten free cookies. My Dad has a wonderful odd collection of mugs. Anna chose the vintage Star Trek mug that when heated shows the Captain Spock, Captain Kirk, and the doctor beaming in! The heat activates the image making it show up. So it was enjoyable watching them beam in on the mug hehehe!



I chose one of my Dad's old work mugs. He is retired now but I think this mug is probably about 20 years old. This is a great mug it looks like it may last for another 20 years! It says get enthused with Tower Power lol!! that must have been great motivation in the office.


Anna enjoying some gluten free cookies. Lucy hoping Anna drops one on the floor!

We also went out to the thrift store before our tea time so we had fun looking at our thrift store treasures during tea.
We found some new to us but old books to read. .50cents


A hand knit sweater vest! 1.00$

A very old marled knit cardigan looks like it is from the 70's $1.00

And we looked at it all through our new glasses and boy did everything look so nice crisp and clear hehehe!!

We hope that you have a blessed Thursday filled with much sunshine, lots of laughter, warm family love, and a spot of Tea!

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13


  1. Dear Heather,

    I love the tea mugs! Too bad Scotty can't beam you all to your new house :) . The glasses are very pretty, as are the ladies behind them.

    Blessings with the move and all,



  2. What a wonderful encourager you are, Heather! You have taken everything with so much peace ~ allowing the Lord to continue to guide you as this new life, that is about to start, gets under way.

    The mugs brings back memories and the glasses ~ you look lovely ~ both of you ;-)


    lady m

  3. Lol! I always love reading your thoughts for the day. The Star Trek mug is so cool! My husband would get a real kick out of it!

    Both of you look wonderful in your new glasses!!

    Praying for a smooth move and safe travels!


  4. Wow, Anna resembles you so much. You both look lovely in your new glasses. Thanks for keeping us posted.


  5. OH! What great finds at the TS! Love your dad's Star Trek mug! I didn't realize you were moving...looks like I need to do some blog catching up. oops

  6. What a wonderful tea! I hope everything works out for you! :) I am sure it will ~ I love all your find lately. It's been a joy to look at. Have a glorious Fall weekend!


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