Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun at the Thrift Store !!

I had fun sneaking out this morning to the thrift store near my fathers house. In Miami the thrift stores I find to be just awful the clothing could be 10$ to 15$ for one piece. I mean at that price what really is the point you could probably go to the clearance rack in any store and do much better. Today at the thrift store here it is 50% off everything and they call it family day!

I found some lovely skirts for Anna for just 1$ a piece as well as 2 denim jackets for her which I was excited to find since I know in California it will be a little cooler than Miami.

Anna and I really like the Bohemian style of fashion. I am not sure what time period this comes from maybe the 60's. We love anything that is embroidered has flowers on it or any sort of handwork or things that have cute fringe and ribbon embelishments. I think the artsy side of us loves the art in that style of clothing it is almost like wearing art. Which probably is pretty ironic and funny if you think about it since our family does travel and move around like a band of gypsy's hehehehe!! I suppose it only fitting we dress like one ;D

Here is a snap shot of one of the skirts I found for Anna. It is like a lightweight crushed velour, but wrinkled like a broomstick skirt. Very pretty up close the camera did not capture the velvet texture of the fabric. Cute and Modest, fashionable and cheap! What a wonderful Bohemian thrift store find!



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  1. Wonderful finds! I love thrift stores! I just posted today on some vintage hankies I found. I love finding good deals and often shop at thrift stores for dresses and skirts - especially for my girls as it is easier to find for them! :)

  2. I love thrift stores as well. We have a Goodwill that I shop at frequently and their things are about $5.00 a piece. It looks like you got some nice deals.

  3. Oooh! I love it!! Thrift stores here have sadly gone up in price comparable to sale prices at Walmart. It's frustrating! In the end I'm hoping to do some sewing for the girls this fall because I'm choosy about what they wear and a lot of the new clothes are simply awful. They grow up quick enough thank-you-very-much. I don't need them dressing like -- well you know what I mean...

    I'm glad your trip was successful!

  4. The style of the skirt is such fun! I also enjoy the bohemian look! It is great to go "hunting" at the thrift stores and be able to find such great bargains ;)


    lady m

  5. a woman after my own heart! :) I love thrifting and was able to get quite a bit in over the holiday weekend. I usually go on sat. (I also sneak away, hehe) when everything is half off, otherwise I agree, you may have a better chance shopping clearance racks b/c some of the prices are just too high... I plan to post some of our finds as well. I love the skirt on Anna, the bohemian style is just plain fun! With a trip cross country, many thrift finds await! :)

  6. Dear Heather,

    What a pretty color on the skirt! And a great deal. It makes up for all the "way too high" pricess, doesn't it?

    We actually found a thrift store with clothes for $4/bag~who could pass that up?




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