Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just plain old fashioned fun, some printables for dolls and lapbooks for school..

We have been enjoying all sorts of handwork. Rag doll Molly finally has a new friend named Maggie. And she was kind enough to bring along some board games.


If you know some dolls that could use some board games you can print them here.

Then of course we could not forget that Maggie likes to play piano so Anna's wonderful brother used his Origami skills and made a piano just right for dolls.


If you know a doll in need of a piano the links are here
Origami Piano. We used 4 pieces of construction paper then cut it into a square. We could not find black poster board but that would be the best choice for a larger piano to make it sturdy.

Piano Keys For your Piano
Sheet music For your Piano

The boys have been busy this week in the Weaver studying Exploration and making topographic maps and Anna who is using Rod and Staff this year usually has a little extra time that we can squeeze in some unit studies. Since Anna loves the American Girl dolls we decided to have some fun studying Kit and The Depression. Anna started working on a Kit Kitteredge Lap book.


We also thought it would be fun to make a hat that looks like Kit's. We knit these on the kniffty knitter Loom. The Doll hat was knit on the round blue loom and Anna's hat we knit on the green loom out of scrumptiously soft cotton yarn.
If you would like to make the Kit Lapbook you can find all the parts to it here they are free to print.
American Girl Lapbook Templates
Kit Kitteredge Lapbook goes along nicely with the movie but you may need to sign up to print this, it is free though.

God make my life a little light,
withing the world to glow;
A little flame that burneth bright
Where ever I may go.

God make my life a little flower
That giveth joy to all;
Content to bloom in native bower
Although it's place be small

God make my life a little song
That comforteth the sad;
That helpeth others to be strong,
and makes the singer glad.
M.Betham Edwards

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:5


  1. What wonderful activities and what beautiful memories you are building with your children.


  2. Oh Heather - you finished her! She looks great ;-)

    Your son also does origami - so does mine!

    My 12yrs old boy enjoys doing them so much.

    Thank you for sharing dear friend,


  3. I am so impressed! I love the rag dolls! So adorable! We bought a rag doll for my daughter earlier this year from the Laura Ingalls site, and she loves it! Glad to catch up on your blog and pop in for a hello! :)

  4. Those are adorable dolls! I love them. Did you make them?

  5. So cute ~ both the new rag doll and sweet Anna in her matching hat!

  6. Fun! You did a wonderful job on the rag doll.

  7. You are all so talented! The hats are adorable! I looked at getting knitting looms for the girls last year, but didn't. Now I'm thinking they would be a really great gift for my crafty girls.



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