Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Country Diary Entry ~

I have been missing Adrian something terrible this week and his future work trips are stacked endless back to back.... I have a pile of beautiful fabric just staring at me waiting to be sewn into something wonderful....but I just have not been feeling like sewing at I have been pouring my thoughts and drawings into my journal which has been a great distraction, and Here I meet with God and He greets me and lets me know that even through this season He is present with me in my thoughts and prayers and I have much comfort knowing this too shall pass.....
Here is part of my entries for today ~




I have been using pencil & watercolor...
The journaling has been great for the children to see it has encouraged them to do lots of painting and drawing this week as well.

The day is done,
The sun has set,
Yet light still tints the sky;
My heart stands still
In reverence,
For God is passing by.
Ruth Alla Wager

And I just had to include this little snapshot of Anna painting....She loves to dress herself in lots of color!!! a little rainbow which never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him
Psalm 37:7


  1. It's hard when they're gone. I love that your journal is more than just words. Your whole family is so talented when it comes to art.

  2. Your creativity amazes me! Sorry you're missing the hubs, though. That's hard.

  3. It is hard when the hubby is away:( I'm sorry.

    Your journal is lovely and so is your new profile layout. Where'd ya get this one. I've been looking for a new one! Time to switch it up:) LOL

    Be blessed!

  4. Hope hubby will be home (if only for a short time)soon!
    Your journal is so lovely ~ I have wanted to make one of these for so long. I think Marqueta does one similar ~ called a Commonplace Book! I have been keeping my eye open (that really sounds weird!) for a blank journal so that I might try my hand at it!

  5. The blog picture looks so lush and blends so well with the blog background. Is that one of your boy's amidst the "green"?

    Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Think of the delightful reunion you will have when your beloved returns.

    May the Lord be your rest and peace through this time. May He keep Adrian where ever he may go and return him safely to you.

    You are in my prayers.


  6. Beautiful journal! I recently have been trying to make the time to get back to my journaling. I had done it for many years and then I slid away from it when my kiddos started arriving. But they love to write and draw also, so I need to try to find the time to get back to it. Lovely drawings. Hope the Lord touches you deeply as you wait for your sweetie to return!

  7. Oh dear friend,
    I miss my husband terribly when he is away from us on a job's duty. At the latter part of last year he had 3 trips away from us. It was hard for me at times. By the time the third one rolled around it was the hardest by far.

    I do hope you are able to communicate with your husband very often. This might sound funny but my husband bought me a cheap little webcam and stuck it on top of my monitor and made it work so that we could see each other through the computer sceens- he was using his laptop on his end. Perhaps something like this could help a little.?.

    It is wonderful that the Lord truly does carry us through in moments like these. He is our stronghold.

    I really admire your nature journal/notebook. What lovely drawings you make and sweet notes you write along with scripture :o)


  8. My prayers are with you dear friend! I know that it is hard to be separated from your beloved...but the Lord made this time of waiting patiently to be only with you. Without any distractions...

    Cling to Him, dear Heather. Focus on Him right now. Remember that He is always near and waiting for you. Your beloved will return and when he does, you will be calmer...

    Praying that He will continue to guide you in your path...


  9. Heather,

    I am so sorry that your hubby has to travel so much!! I spent the first twenty years of our marriage as a military wife, so I know the loneliness you are feeling!!!! I am praying for you!!!

    If you want some dandelion seeds, email me and we can work it all out. ;o)

    Love, Heather

  10. Dear Heather,

    I'm sorry that Adrian has to be away so much; at least you'll have more appreciation for him when he's around, though, right? :)

    I will be praying for your family while he is away. I hope that his schedule can slow down in the future.



    p.s. The new blog layout is so pretty, as is your journal!


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