Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Lone Horse ~ A Home Schooling Post

The Lone Horse
By: Anna Watts
Grade 3

Once their was a foal that had a destiny.
It was going to be a police horse. But it escaped. So the owner looked but could not find it.

Soon it was night time.
She only found shelter under an old tree.
She was cold.
In the morning it was raining and she was all wet.

Then a woman saw her and came back with a rope.
She put up signs but no one came.
So they named her star.

So Star Grew.
She was a pretty Chestnut with black hair.
She lived a happy life until her owner died and the
children went off to an orphanage.
And star escaped.

Then Star found a yard.
She saw an apple tree.
She ate some apples.
Then the the back door opened and an old woman came.
And she saw Star.
So she put her with the other horses.
And they became fast friends.

The End.
Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!
Philippians 4:4


  1. Love those drawings! And did she write the story too? Very impressive!
    Oh how I miss those days

  2. What nice illustrations! I especially like the beautiful lashes the horse has :)

    Thank you Anna for sharing,


  3. What talent Anna has! Tell her this Homeschool Momma is impressed!

  4. Beautiful drawings of Star, Anna! I like stories with happy endings!

  5. Dear Heather,

    Wonderful story and illustrations! It reminds me of a horse story that I made up at about that age. It will surely be a treasured heirloom :) .



  6. Dear Heather,
    What a lovely story and illustrations.
    We too have children that love to write a story and illustrate it.
    I have wonderful little homemade books they have done.
    True treasures for ever.
    Please pass on my comgratulations on a job well done.
    God Bless

  7. What a great story and illustrations! Doing things like this was one of my very favorite things when I was little...perhaps you have a budding artist on your hands?

  8. Beautiful story and beautiful drawings! Keep the book as the years go by...it will be so nice to read it again and enjoy the memory of this wonderful time in life!


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