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The Problem With Heartburn ~A Home Schooling Post

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The Problem with Heartburn

A Medical study Of Heartburn By: Liam Watts Grade 6

Have you ever had a burning sensation in your throat that won’t go away? Well this could be a case of heartburn. Although the name suggests that the problem is due to a heart problem this isn’t so. To find the real culprit and the cure we need to know more about the problem.

Heartburn is not normally dangerous (unless you have chronic heartburn which is a serious medical condition) though it can be very unpleasant. It is caused by acid from the stomach going up into the esophagus through the Lower Esophagus Sphincter or LES. Normally the LES only opens to let food in or the occasional burp out but when certain conditions are right it doesn’t close properly, so let’s talk about those conditions.

Well caffeine is a stimulant that excites some parts of the body but not all parts. The LES is one of these instead of getting excited it goes to sleep and can occasionally let out some acid.

As much as I hate to say another leading cause for heartburn is chocolate. You’re probably wondering how our friend the chocolate bar could turn on us, well to keep things simple chocolate contains high concentrations of a chemical called theobromine which also relaxes the LES. There are many other causes but these are the most common and these are all we’ll talk about and now on to the cures.

There are many believed cures to heartburn that don’t involve medicine these include tea which would in truth worsen the problem by letting more acid through the LES and burning the already hurting parts, unsalted roasted almonds, sherbet, apple cider vinegar, and gum.

. One of the over the counter methods I also mentioned earlier would be an antacid which should relive your burning sensation in about 15 minutes.

Now that you know the facts, the causes, and the cures you can do your best to stay away from and to stop heart burn. About the chocolate though, you should still eat it just don’t shove it down your throat, please just eat moderately.


The purpose of this informative article was not to dissuade people from chocolate just to tell them to eat moderately and to warn them of its dark-side. We are not responsible for the people who completely quit chocolate and are thus throwing away there lives.

Thank you from Liam Watts and his Affiliates

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Deuteronomy 6:5


  1. Hmm...would anyone like to SHARE a Hershey bar? Good job, Liam!

  2. Excellent job Liam!

    Yes, I know that chocolate causes heartburn...but everything can be enjoyed in moderation :)



  3. Well, what a surprise, when after reading this very informative article, to find Liam as the author. You did a wonderful job, Liam. I didn't know tea could aggravate heartburn... Thank you for making it easy to understand, still very informative.

    Heather, you are doing a wonderful job with your children. May the Lord continue to bless your efforts and commitment.


  4. Heather...I feel like "flesh and blood" did not reveal that to you, but our loving heavenly Father. Chocolate has many other "dark sides" that are overlooked. I still eat it and KNOW that I shouldn't. Carob is a better choice because of all of it's nutritional benefits. After reading this post, I am going to seriously put my efforts into eliminating chocolate...I read the disclaimer and need to throw my unhealthy choice life away and make better choices.
    Thank you for the post...powerful.


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