Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Butterflies...Beads....& Knots

We are in our third week of studies with school and keeping much with the basics, until I am feeling better. The weather outside has been scorching hot but we still sneak out here and there. We greeted a lovely monarch who flew into our pool. We let her rest a while in our jar while she dried off her wings, and then we sent her back on her merry way. What a beauty she was though. And the first monarch we have seen up close all summer. We had no idea they enjoyed a dip in the pool!



I have been digging back into my beads and trying to remember all the knots that I used to know when I was a young girl. When I was in my teens I had taught myself how to do many things with beads. I had a bead loom that I enjoyed as well as big pile of embroidery thread for making hair wraps in my friends hair and for knotting into friendship bracelets. These are things I think Anna would enjoy and I would love to pass on to her. It is such a wonderful gift to be able to do such handwork, all of it is so enjoyable.

Figuring out the knots and trying to remember.

Anna gets a hair wrap!

This week I have also been doing some more of this and that! I changed the curtains in my living room and as you can see in the picture I seem to be waiting around a lot for my tea to brew. The curtains are ones I had from another apartment we lived in. That is the funny thing about moving as much as we have it seems like every place has different sized windows and needs different curtains. I have passed on all but this extra pair. It was nice switching them out it gave the room a fresh new look. Sometimes a little change can be nice.


And I am enjoying an early birthday present. I have grown rather fond of these moccasins they remind me of the bead work I used to do when I was a young girl.
They are super comfortable and they are pretty much glued to my feet, I may never take them off hehehe! And since they have a hard sole I can wear them outside as well as in! Thankfully the bohemian look has come back in fashion again so I do not even seem out of style and I have somehow now become fashion forward lol!! Funny how fashion works I guess when your style is out if you wait long enough just don't worry about it because it will come back in style again hehehehe!!


"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13


  1. What a lovely home you have Heather! The mocassins bring back memories. In fact, they were in style when I was in school ;)

    The blouse you are wearing in the picture is very pretty...the embroidery looks beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing. I pray that you will be feeling better soon!

    lady m

  2. I remember making friendship bracelets! They used too keep me busy for hours.

    Your mocassins are awesome -- especially having hard bottoms. Your apartment looks so cozy! I also love your tea pot. I have a real problem of brewing a cup of tea and forgetting where I left it.I find it an hour or so later -- cold of course, but in the hot weather we're finally getting that isn't such a bad thing.

    I'm glad your swimming monarch was able to dry off and fly away again! They are so beautiful!

  3. Dear Heather,

    Butterflies are beautiful. Your home looks very cozy and bright.

    Wow, your hair is getting longer... it looks very nice.

    May you keep on feeling better as the days go by.


  4. Beautiful Heather....I surely need help with home decorating. LOL...wanna come visit?

  5. Dear Heather,

    I've seen so many butterflies on your blog, I'm wondering if you've overcome your fear of them? The curtains look very pretty there (Good thing you saved them, thrifty you!), with the tea brewing in front.

    I wish I knew how to braid with beads; my girls would love to learn it.

    I agree about the styles; that's why I wear whatever I want! Someday I'll be the epitome of fashion!



  6. Great pics! The curtains look great! Love the moccasins, aren't they comfy?!

  7. Dear Heather,
    Just stopping by to say how much I love your blog! It is always very uplifting to me, so thank you. I also really like to do hemp macrame and make jewelery, it's a fun way to be creative. I have been contemplating how to plant a butterfly garden for our backyard so we can get lots of them around. I'll start by making a plant list...


  8. You have been so busy! The butterfly photos are just beautiful! And I love the curtains! It is so good to read all your happenings! I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying a lovely end of the summer! It goes by too quickly!

  9. Oh what fun it looks like you have been having in school~life.
    Thank you for sharing! Such a fun post.
    Have a great day today~


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