Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is this the latest Nessie sighting ?

Well we have been keeping busy in the Watts home this week cracking open our books and getting back into our studies. But that does not mean that we still aren't having any adventures. The children were out walking Lucy the other day by the lake when they thought that they had spotted Nessie. Liam described seeing a fish the size of Anna. Liam ran back and got the camera and tried to snap a shot but as the legend seems to go we have no real confirmation as to what exactly we saw? But some of us are wondering if maybe here in this unsuspecting apartment complex deep in the center of the lake hidden just out of sight is the home of the Loch Ness Monster!
Well if it is not the Loch Ness Monster here is what we think it may be. If you look at the picture above it seems to match the pattern on the one below.
The Grass Carp.

Another sighting we have had recently is of the Night Heron. This is a Heron that is a nocturnal hunter.
This image we got off the internet so you can see how he looks during the day!

So we usually run into this guy around 9:30pm when we are taking Lucy out for her evening break. We have also had a hard time getting this guy on camera. Although he is a real beauty to look at we would not say we are particularly friendly with him since he is sneaking in every night to steal the baby Muscovy ducks for dinner. And he must be having a real feast because since he has arrived just a few short weeks ago for his evening visits the chicks have been disappearing at an alarming rate. And although these ducks grow up to be quite ugly they are the cutest little babies, and we have such a hard time seeing this guy fly off with little duck feet hanging out of his mouth. The most surprising thing is how domesticated the Muscovy ducks on our property have become. I have actually seen a mother and baby duck standing right next to the Heron with no idea that this big guy was even a threat! My husband has a favorite saying for us more sensitive Watts he likes to say "Heather it is the circle of life!" and then he repeats "The circle of Life!" Well rest assured I am part of this circle and you will still probably find me running around with my arms flailing in the evening chasing this guy away:D I can only imagine what the neighbors think LOL!

Here is a picture of the Night Heron and the ducks and chicks standing nearby! This picture really does not show the size of this bird they are actually quite large.

Some more of this and that from our week.

Anna has been busy in science this week she is studying Water and she had lots of fun with experiments studying solutions, and suspensions.

This week I made Anna a new dress out of knit material in some pretty fall colors. I used the everyday dress pattern. This is my first pattern that I made a few months ago. This time though I cut it with a little grow room for her. I really appreciate this pattern. It has no buttons or zippers which helps keep the cost very minimal when making this dress and since I made the pattern myself it was free. I would like to take this pattern and see if I can turn it into a jumper! Also this will be a great dress for when we go up North to visit family she will be able to put a long sleeve t-shirt underneath with tights in cooler weather.
Anna in her new horse print dress with a matching scrunchy!

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the holy spirit." Romans 15:13


  1. A Nessie sighting :o)! Such fun!

    I know what you mean about running around flailing your arms. Our neighbour's cat stopped by for a visit and some feathered breakfast. He dined on one cedar waxwing baby and was going to work on a second before I chased him off. I think the second one made out okay in the end. I put him back in the tree and (we're choosing the ignorance is bliss motto) after awhile he disappeared. The adult birds were around and encouraging, so I hope he will now survive to adulthood.

    Anna's dresses are beautiful! Did you design the pattern yourself or did you find it somewhere and then drew it out yourself?


  2. Oh Heather,

    The dress is so pretty and Anna looks adorabley in it ;)

    We have been hitting the books here too...

    Thank you for sharing your day,

    lady m


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