Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ottobre Blouse ~Recent Sewing

Here is a snap shot of a blouse I sewed for Anna last week. I pulled out the Ottobre pattern book and tried it again. I am not a super huge fan of the Ottobre I think some of there patterns are way to embellished and complicated but I picked up this pattern book because it said the clothing had a Japanese influence which is definitely a style I enjoy incorporating into my patterns. The tie on the neck line was not long enough. Since Anna really likes this blouse I will try it again and tweak it here and there. The material you may recognize as scraps from the skirt I recently sewed! And I have a few more skirts scraps that will be great for some blouses.

Sewing Tip: It is always good to try out a new pattern either on scraps or on an inexpensive piece of material. Then you can make any adjustments as needed and when you use the better material the fit will be just right!


"For our heart is glad in him because we trust in his holy name."Psalm 33:21


  1. Very sweet! I like the sewing tip~so true.



  2. I really like the style, yours turned out very nice and I love the floral print.
    Which issue is this from? (I have quite a few of their magazines - and three projects on my soon-to-so-list!)

  3. What a neat little blouse! I agree with you on the Ottobre magazine ;)

    Anna's hair sure has gotten long...


    lady m


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