Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Hat


Here in our family we love hats everyone wears them even Mr. Watts. I recently found a beautiful straw hat from Italy for 2.00 that just needed a little attention. When buying a used straw hat you can straighten it out and bring it back to life with a good steam. We have a hand held steamer we purchased from Khols that Mr. Watts likes to use on his suits for his International Travel when they are packed into a suitcase. The steamer is wonderful though for hats, it is great for disinfecting and for pressing any creases out that may have occured during the life of the hat from improper storage. Also a fake head can be purchased at Sally Beauty supply for 3.99 which is a great item to have for steaming and especially if you like to add flowers or a new ribbon to your hat it makes a wonderful stand. Here are some snapshots of some of my new thrifty hats that I have found and brought back to life as well as a wonderful poem and craft.


My Hat!
The hats of a man may be many
In the course of a varied career,
And some have been worth not a penny
And some have been devilish dear;
But there's one hat I always remember
When sitting alone by the fire.
In the depth of a Northern November,
Because it fulfilled my desire.


It was old, it was ragged and rotten
And many years out of mode,
Like a thing that a tramp had forgotten
And left at the side of a road.
The boughs of the mulga had torn it,
It's ribbon was naught but lace,
And old swaggie would not have worn it
Without a sad smile on his face.


When I took off the hat to the ladies
It was rather with sorrow than swank,
And often I wished it in Hades
When the gesture drew only a blank;
But for swatting a fly on the tucker
Or lifting a quart from the fire
Or belting the ribs of a bucker
It was all that a man could desire.


When it ought to have gone to the cleaner's
(And stayed there, as somebody said!)
It was handy for flogging the weaners
From the drafting-yard into the shed.
And oft it has served as a dish for
A kelpie in need of a drink;
It was all that a fellow could wish for
In many more ways than you'd think.


It was spotted and stained by the weather,
There was more than one hole in the crown,
And it made little difference whether
The rim was turned up or turned down.
It kept out the rain (in a fashion)
And kept off the sun (more or less),
Bt it merely comanded compassion
Considered as part of one's dress.


Though it wasn't a hat you would bolt with
Or be anxious to borrow or hire,
It was useful to blindfold a colt with
Or handle a bit of barbed wire.
Though the world may have thought it improper
To wear such old rubbish as that,
I'd have scorned the best London-made topper
In exchange for my old battered hat.

William Henry Ogilvie


Here is a great link to make your own straw bonnet like the one we made above out of a straw hat!

May joy and peace surround you,
Contentment latch your door,
And happiness be with you now,
And bless you evermore.

Have A Blessed Weekend Love ~The Watts

Live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.
Ephesians 5


  1. I never knew that steaming the straw hats could reshape them! What lovely hats! And the bonnet, oh the bonnet, I fell in love with that. You are so creative!

    Hope your weather has improved! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


  2. My dear friend, what a wonderful collection of hats you have!

    They are all so lovely - I really like your new look - it is very you! ;-)

    Blessings dear Heather,


  3. Dear Heather,

    We love it! :) You did such a nice job on the bonnet; I have two old straw hats cut up right now to do the very same thing!

    The poem is a treasure.



  4. Very cute hats and you all wear them well!

  5. What a fantastic find! I love your new hat! I love the idea of wearing hats, but no one around here wears them! And I have never found one that really looks good on me. But I still love them!
    And you did a marvelous job on the bonnet!

  6. I like hats too, but they never look right on my head! LOL
    I do love your hat and what a GREAT find!!
    Especially loved the shot of the rainbow. Isn't God just so wonderful!!

    Have a blessed Lord's Day today :)

  7. love the hats! And my daughter would go nuts for that bonnet.. I may have to try that one myself!

  8. I really like straw hats too. (My family thinks I look silly in them!)

  9. Love your collection of hats! I love hats myself. They're a great accessory for bad hair days ; )

    Beautiful rainbow!


  10. I like hats but don't want them squashing my perm!
    Hugs and Love Suex


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