Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunshine..Raspberry Tea & New Dresses

Well after a week and a half of rain the sun is shining again and we are warming ourselves up in the winter sun on the front porch.

We are enjoying some Raspberry and Hibiscus tea....

Anna is finishing up her school

Noah is bird watching...
And Liam is off tucked away somewhere reading a book that is what he enjoys.He is always difficult to find and snap a picture of. You never know where he might be he has always loved to hide away with something good to read.

I have been sewing again recently trying to think ahead of what Anna and I would like to wear this spring and summer. And I have been digging into some new patterns.
I sewed a Dress for Anna out of some nice light weight denim. I want to make her a few dresses that will look cute with her pinafores and aprons. I used Mcalls Pattern 4648



And for myself I tried out a new pattern Simplicity 2539. It is a very cute square neck jumper. I just love this pattern and I think this will become my main dress this season since it works great with that cotton floral fabric that I have tons of. And it is very easy to sew.

I will be enjoying this weekend the surprise my father sent me in the mail today. The Cranford movie collection! I can't wait to watch this! ~Thanks Dad!!

And I will leave you with an Irish Prayer that I like in the hopes you have a most blessed weekend with lots of sun to warm you ~Love The Watts Family
Dear Lord,
Give me a few friends
who will love me for what I am,
and keep ever burning
before my vagrant steps
the kindly light of hope...
And though I come not within sight
of the castle of my dreams,
teach me to be thankful for life,
and for time's olden memories
that are good and sweet.
And may the evening's twilight
find me gentle still.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.
Ephesians 1:3


  1. First I have to tell you that last pic looks so professional and I think that you taking it yourself right? I love the new dresses - you really have a talent.

    Wishing you a sun-filled weekend!

  2. That teapot is beautiful. I love teapots : ) and tea. Anna's dress is very, very nice. Your dress looks great with that hat. You surely have a tremendous many talents.... how wonderful. The scenery around your home is lovely. Enjoy your weekend with lots of warm sunshine, love and "Cranford".


  3. Love what you are making for you and your daughter. I love the outdoor photos. Oh to have weather like right about now:)

    I am a big fan of bird watching too! I just think that is so neat that your kids are enjoying their new place and you too!

    God is so wonderful:D

    Have a blessed weekend!!

  4. Looks like you are enjoying the warmer weather!
    The dress you made Anna is sweet! But I shudder at all those buttonholes! (Not my favorite thing to sew!) Oh! I love the dress pattern you sewed for yourself! I think I will have to see if I can find that pattern for myself!
    Yippee! I didn't know they had a movie collection for Cranford! I will be looking for this too!
    Have a glorious weekend!

  5. Dearest friend,

    What amazing weather you are having! I am remembering those days when I lived in California...the days were just like that. Right now, we are at 10degrees with a great deal of wind ~ but I wouldn't have it any other way :)

    You have inspired me to sew again dear friend! It has been so long that my sewing machine keeps calling me back and I keep ignoring its call :(

    Anna's dress is just lovely - I think it would be so nice for a little girl in a wheelchair..ummm!

    Your dress dear friend, absolutely lovely! It fits you beautifully. What a neat idea and it could be made in so many different fabrics.

    Thank you for sharing...



  6. Hi Heather,
    I love the jumpers. I've sewn many for my girls when they were young. I like the one you picked out for yourself. I haven't sewn any for myself in a while, only skirts, but that one looks very comfortable. Very sweet prayer. The Irish have a way with words, don't they!Thank you for sharing,
    God bless,

  7. Lovely sunshine, dresses and photography!

  8. Dear Heather,

    I'm so glad that you made it through the rain unscathed! :) it's finally sunny here, too, after snow and fog for a week. Mr. Sun is mighty good medicine!

    The dresses for Anna and you are so feminine and pretty; you're so inspiring!

    AnnaMarie likes to hide with books, too (sometimes I panic thinking she has low blood sugar somewhere, but no, it's just a good read) :) .

    Enjoy being outside for us!



  9. I love the dress you made for yourself. I love the ones for your daughter, too. You have a gift. Some day I'll get back into sewing again!

  10. Both your dresses/jumpers are darling! All the buttons on Anna's! I haven't tried to buttons yet and am not sure I'm ready to try. Maybe soon :o).

    Wishing you a wonderfully relaxing and blessed weekend!

  11. Love both of the dresses.( I have the same pattern to try out for my daughter!)
    Have a great time watching Cranford, it is wonderful.

  12. i love the dresses.. I am hoping to do some of that sewing myself.. and perhaps doing more skirts and dresses for me and my 9yo..

  13. Your little girl is so cute in her pinafore! I love your square-neck jumper, it's very becoming. Reminds me that I have to begin my Spring wardrobe soon!

  14. Clever lady Heather! Making all these adorable clothes! Your daughter looks beautiful and so do you! YOu're a lot like my husbands sister.
    How long have you been sewing? Did your mother teach you?
    Hugs and Love Suex Pretty blog!


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