Saturday, May 16, 2009

And He's Off...........

Adrian woke up at about 4am on his way to the airport for his international whirlwind for work. My husband Adrian works for DHL he is the director for the government and military. So anything the government or military ships he oversees. At least I think that is how it works, I am sure it is much more complicated than that and I may not even be explaining it correctly since I really do not know that much about Logistics and such. His job is really amazing he gets to speak and meet so many great people and I get to hear all the wonderful stories. He has been on t.v. a few times recently which was exciting he works with Mark Evans and others to coordinate the Pizza 4 Patriots. And this year he also got to participate in the Inaugural parade and march with the kids from the Special Olympics who DHL sponsors as well. The kids really enjoyed seeing their father march in the parade even though we are republicans lol!! I reminded Adrian not to get too excited and start shouting Obama hehehe!!
Blog that mentions Adrian from a news article.

This trip that Adrian is on brings him to a few places in Japan, Okinawa and then a stop in Seoul, South Korea. He promises to send me pictures via his blackberry so we can see what it is like where he is traveling.
The amazing thing about Adrian's job is he started as a delivery driver and worked his way from the ground up. We are very proud of him. We have seen God do some amazing things with Adrian and his job, and we are very blessed indeed.
Here is first picture of his plane as he leaves Miami.
May the Lord Bless you and Keep you Honey......see ya soon!!


  1. blessings on your husband as he travels, and may the Lord be with you all as he's gone on this trip. It will be neat to see pictures of his trip, as well as the fabric he brings back for you. Do show us!:)

  2. How wonderful to know the Lord orchestrates our lives. The Lord surely has blessed your husband in his career. May our heavenly Father grant Adrian safe travel and keep him until his return home. May the Lord be your comfort while your husband is away. Looking forward to your updates.

    Mrs. Teapot

  3. Thank you so much for the prayers they are gratefuly appreciated ~:-)

  4. Try to stay busy while Adrian is away. The wonders of this new technological age is that you and the children will be able to stay in touch while he is away.

    What an awesome God we serve - He has blessed your family immensely :)

    May Our Lord keep Adrian safe while he is away, but also may He give you peace and calmness while you are at home with the children.

    God bless,

    lady m

  5. Thanks Lady M's ~for your blessings & prayer!


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