Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sunshine on a cloudy day............


Well rainy season is upon us we are getting closer to the start of hurricane season as well and the afternoon tropical rain showers are rolling in on a regular schedule. I just have to remember to get the kids over to the pool sooner. I keep waiting until late in the afternoon, and we have to run over really fast, they jump in and I say swim fast, we stay until the first crack of thunder which seems like it has only been 10 minutes since we first arrived and then they jump out of the pool and we run home dodging the huge raindrops.

Something that has been nice about the rain is we are now having tea together in the afternoons and have taken to ignoring the rain all together. Yesterday we had Irish Breakfast Tea with milk and cookies and I pulled out an old copy of the A.A. Milne Winnie The Pooh stories. My personal favorite. My boys who are nearing there teen years were shocked that I was going to read this to them. But I quickly informed them that this was not the Bear they new from the disney channel or the baby section at walmart and to just sit back and listen. I choose the story of Piglet being surrounded by water which I thought was a good comparison with the buckets of water being dumped outside our window. We laughed so hard at Pooh and Piglet and the boys were surprised at how much they enjoyed the story. Yet another reason why you just have to love the classics. I even caught one of my boys later in the day sneaking off with the Winne the Pooh book hehehehe! Shhhhhhhhh we won't tell any one! But a good story is just that a good story.

By time the story was over and we looked out the window the rain had stopped and we were ready to go back outside again. With all this rain I knew in order to get through all these chores I had I would need a new apron that looked just like sunshine. So I chose some fabric from the back of my closet that is as close to Florida sunshine as you can get. And I have just tied it on with a warm smile on my face I am off to do the laundry and I don't even care if it rains again.

"You O Lord keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light." Psalm 18:28


  1. Dear Heather,

    I am so glad you are a part of my "blogland" family. What lovely memories you are creating with your children. Sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday despite the weather. I love your "sunshine" apron.

    Enjoy and many blessings,
    Mrs. Teapot

  2. I recently found an organic Scottish breakfast tea that I'm in love with. There's something about drinking hot tea while it rains outside. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

  3. Hello, my friend!

    My computer hasn't let me visit you for a while, but I think we have it figured out (for now) what the problem was.

    I'm so glad you've decided to wear skirts and dresses as a rule. I went through that transition several years ago when my friend introduced me to Vision Forum (Funny, but my friend still mostly wears pants!). I was truly convicted to dress in a way that if the Savior were to stop by for a visit, I would be wearing something I would not be ashamed of. And I also have been growing out my hair, since someone on the Sense and Sensibility board mentioned having her hair long enough to wipe the Savior's feet. What a lovely image!

    May you be safe this hurricane season. Having rain every day would be something different around here!




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