Sunday, May 17, 2009


Some one turned on the heat here in Miami Whoa! It must have been 90 today. With the intense summer heat being modest can be a little tricky. Yesterday I made Anna a pair of lightweight cotton bloomers to wear under her dresses to replace the heavier leggings and such that she usually wears. Anna is definitly a feminine girl but she also plays very hard and she doesn't have all of her lady like skills yet so I always put something on her under her dresses. I used a super easy pattern Simplicity 4206. This is a great pattern for amteur sewers it makes a cute peasant blouse, a tiered skirt, and you can also make a cute pair of gaucho like pants which I happened to turn into bloomers. To make this pattern more modest you can add an extra tier to the skirt to make it longer or you can use the three tiers but make the tier each a few inches wider I have done both and that has worked really well. I also have sewed the peasant blouse to the skirt to make a dress which turned out really great too! I curled Anna's hair for church and I had to laugh with the bloomers I thought she looked just like Nellie from little house on the praire.



Anna has the giggles and can't stand still for a picture lol!!


  1. Oh she looks so pretty! The fabric on the dress is so bright and cheerful :)

    Bloomers, I am making several of these to go under the dresses. Also petticoats, slips and corsets.

    I am so glad that you are sewing and sharing it with us!

    lady m

  2. She looks so cute--yes, just like little house on the prairie. It's great! It's so awesome that you are teaching her modesty and femininity at a young age. I wish sometimes that more moms would do that! It wouldn't be such a hard thing to deal with your 17-year-old if they were being trained with it when they were younger.:) Keep up the good work! :)


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