Monday, May 18, 2009

Raining Cats and Dogs.......

Miami is getting a down pouring of rain today. The kids were able to take a quick swim in the pool in between showers so we were not stuck in the house all day. I am thrilled though that it is raining. Our lake here was looking a little low so I can't wait to run outside tomorrow and see how high the water is. We also have tons of ducks so the sidewalks could use a little natural cleaning as well. School is winding down this is our last week and we are missing Adrian making Monday feel like a very long day. His trip to Japan seems to be going well he has arrived back from Okinawa and is now in Hiroshima taking a train ride. I can't wait to see some pictures he promises to send some soon since the last place he was in he had no cell phone coverage at all.
While I was dusting my bookshelves today I discovered a fairy in my living room and I took a picture to prove it!

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  1. Love that sweet little fairy!

    We had a day WITHOUT rain today. ;-) All a matter of perspective isn't it???? LOLOLOL


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