Wednesday, May 20, 2009

That's My Guy!

Adrian made it to the fabric district yesterday I was happy to hear this! Adrian works mostly with men so when he promptly announced that he was heading to the fabric district this was to much for the men he was traveling with and they all scattered or disappeared I am not sure which it was. Adrian says the women in the fabric stores were also surprised to see a big American man shopping for fabrics. I had to giggle about this. But hey that's my guy and he picked out some very cute fabrics for me to sew with. Now lets just hope they make it through customs! The other thing that is rather comical is my husband decided to grow out a beard. In Japan it seems they find facial hair offensive. Oh well he is off to South Korea now I am not sure how that country views the good old American Beard????

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  1. What a handsome husband you have Mrs. Watts :)

    The fabrics are quite lovely...what a nice guy to go and buy fabrics that he would like for you to sew.

    I do hope they make it through customs.


    lady m


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