Monday, July 20, 2009

Bake Sale and New Pattern!

The children had their Bake Sale on Sunday before and after church service and it was a great success all the Glory goes to God on this one! They did a wonderful job and it was so exciting to see them with a cheerful heart offering their time and actions to God. The bible lesson this week was also on the topic of offerings to God. We have been very blessed recently with our Sunday School lessons and God has passed along much wisdom and ideas in helping the children put their faith in action, and I have really been enjoying the blessing of coming up along side of these children and watching this happen. The bake sale benefits Urban Resurrection a ministry dedicated to bringing life and hope to one of the most depressed neighborhoods right here in Miami.

All ready to sell!

Anna with her cupcake already set aside lol!

This is Amanda she takes care of the Nursery side of Children's Church while I handle the Elementary aged children. Please note I can actually tuck my hair behind my ears now! Giant steps for mankind lol!!!

Someone checking out the sweets!

More selling in progress!

New Pattern

Now completely off topic here is a new dress that I sewed for Anna I wish I had some shots of the back of the dress which has a pretty sash to adjust the fit and I also used some really cute wood buttons. But that would mean Anna would have to stand still for way to long hehehe so maybe another day I will get that picture!

"As the body without spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead." James2:26


  1. Oh what wonderful time everyone must have had!

    You are looking very nice, my friend ;) and so is your beautiful the dress!

    Your sister in Christ,

    lady m

  2. awesome activity--one that will reap eternal rewards.:) I love the dress you made for your girl. Great job!


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