Friday, July 24, 2009

Show and Tell Friday and Oatmeal Soap

Show and Tell
We are joining Kelli again for another show and tell Friday, and a special thankyou to Kelli for hosting. This week we would like to show a treasure that has been passed on to us.

I would like to share with you a gold charm bracelet my mother gave me. It has two little baby shoes to symbolize my brother and I. And then there are also 2 silhouettes one of my brother and one of me. Then there is a lucky 4 leaf clover. My mother also had a pair of ice skates, growing up in Canada she did some figure skating when she was young.


The last charm has always been my favorite it is a little house that opens and reveals 2 little beds with heart pillows on it. I remember this charm well as a child I would peak into my mothers jewelry box and I would always find the little house and open it up and look inside.


We tried out a recent recipe from Carrie's Blog Farming on Faith. She always posts such great recipes for everything homemade, this one looked so simple and fun we just couldn't pass it up.
If you would like to make some for your self you can find it at Carrie's Blog just click here!

Now here in the Watts Villa someone always has far to many mosquito bites from our wanderings around the canals or with our vast and exhaustive amount allergies one of us always has itchy skin. So we love oatmeal soap it is so soothing and for some strange reason we are not allergic to it!

We chose to use some plain Ivory soap, and some good old fashioned oats. We do not own a microwave like the recipe suggests so we just used an old pot and melted it down on the stove and we found this worked fine.

Noah melting the soap.

We used a heart shape silicone mold, this worked really well since it was so easy to pop the soap out of the mold.

All wrapped up to share, but almost looks like a frosted oatmeal cookie, I will have to make sure my friends know not to eat it lol! ;-)

"The more humble and obedient to God a man is The more wise and at peace he will be in all that he does."Thomas A Kempis

"Happy is the person who finds wisdom and gains understanding. For the profit of wisdom is better than silver, and her wages are better than gold."Proverbs 3:13-14


  1. Wow. Nice tutorial. lovely charm'
    Like your photo of your family at the top

  2. wow.. what a lovely charm bracelet.. thanks for sharing..

  3. The charms are super...but, I've really enjoyed watching you make oatmeal soap!!!

    My show n tell is all blue glass this week, if you have a minute won't you stop by for a visit?

    Happy Friday.

  4. What a lovely charm
    Happy Friday!

    p.s. Pls stop by at Something To Share anytime, I just love company.

  5. Oh how cute~

    I can see snowflakes and sugar cookies for Christmas!

  6. The charm bracelet is lovely; my Mum has one that will eventually be mine. Thanks for the tip on the soap too!

    Please stop by The Old Parsonage anytime.


  7. What a lovely charm bracelet! I am going to try the oatmeal soap. It will make great gifts!


  8. That charm bracelet is so sweet! I did check out Carrie's oatmeal soup recipe the other day when she posted it! Isn't soap making fun?!
    Thank you for sharing and have a blessed weekend!

  9. How nice to have your Mom's charm bracelet. A real treasure! Jean

  10. Love the charm bracelet. The house charm IS really neat. Soap making is lots of fun. I need to get back to it.

  11. This sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing dear friend.

    Lady m

  12. I always loved looking through my mom's jewelry box too. What treasures to discover!

  13. Your charm braclet is lovely, a beautiful keepsake. That soup looks easy to make. Thank you for sharing.

  14. The charm bracelet is absolutely beautiful. What a keepsake.
    Thanks for sharing.


  15. Thanks for sharing the oatmeal soap recipe. I'll have to try it out, as I'm inching my way into making homemade cleaners and that sort of thing.:)

  16. Dear Heather,

    What a sweet charm bracelet! My mom gave me a few that she had from the fifties, when they were so popular. None were as precious as the little house, though!

    The soap would be so fun, and great for gifts, too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!




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