Saturday, July 18, 2009


Oh how much things can change in a week (*giggle...giggle*) so you saw my fridge at the beginning of the week wait till you see the updated photo at the end of the post. I am sure you will be giggling as well!

On Friday the children from church came over and we did some power baking for the bake sale we are having at church on Sunday. The Children are going to try and raise some money for Urban Resurrection a ministry our church supports. They work out of one of the most depressed neighborhoods here in Miami, and bring life and support to the people there.


The children hardly needed any help with the baking they did a great job especially the boys. Little Anna somehow managed to get her hand stuck in the beater end of the mixer and my Friend Shari and I had a really hard time getting it unstuck. Apparently she was holding the beater end when she decided to plug it in by herself and it just so happened to be on the highest setting and then her hand got whipped into it! Ugh I had no idea that could even happen.....Anna takes after me though and is always doing the strangest clumsy things just like her momma! But thankfully we did unstick her hand and put some ice on it and she was fine.


I was also thankful that my friend Shari came over because of course I got a migraine right in the middle of baking! How convenient right! So I had to tell my friend we have about 30 minutes before I crawl into bed.....I actually have never had anyone over when I have come down with one so I felt kind of bad having to go to bed but I really had no choice. But Shari was great she helped finished up and took the kids swimming. Thank goodness for friends!!


Okay so here it is the picture of my fridge all the vegetables have been eaten or crammed into drawers and it is now filled with all sorts of cookies and cakes lol! I will definitely be staying away from the fridge this weekend. I am going to try anyways hehehhe!! Have a blessed weekend ~Love The Watts Family


  1. What a busy, fun project! And mighty tasty, too! =)


    p.s. Would you be interested in entering my little July 5th giveaway? I'd love to have you join, if you like!


  2. Sorry to hear about your migraine. That was kind of your friend to stay, finish the project and then take the children for a swim.

    Now that's my kind of fridge... LOL

    His grace and peace unto you,

  3. I pray that your migrane has gone away and that you are resting!

    about the long as you don't eat it, it is ok to use the space, lol!


    lady m

  4. Lol! I hope you were able to stay away. I hope your migraine is gone too. And poor little Anna -- that must have been scary. I'm glad she felt better after some ice.


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