Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wash Day!


Well I am not sure what happened to my summer days I somehow lost track of the date and have thrown the calender out the window. Only to realize Anna's birthday is a few days away. My plan for her birthday was to get her a base wardrobe sewn for the fall. With her leaping growth spurts she has no p.j.'s and is lacking in a few other areas. I would still like to try to sew her clothing, with no thrift stores nearby, and her now being in a larger size I am really unhappy with what the local stores have to offer. I am actually a little shocked by what the store suggests she should wear. The good news is Anna has old fashioned taste she enjoys old fashioned things just like her Mama. So I am pulling out some patterns and getting to work on some clothing that has a cute old fashioned look but in a balanced way so as not look to old fashioned so that it seems as if she is wearing a costume.

The only problem is I have never really sewed on a deadline and finding it to be rather comical in our house. Yesterday I experienced many disruptions. I sent the children upstairs and the boys were supposed to keep Anna busy so she would be uninterested in what I am doing. Well every 2 minutes there was a new crisis hehehehe!! Mom the toilet is overflowing!! Mom there are sugar ants everywhere!! Mom the dog is throwing up lol!!! Oh dear, may the Good Lord give me strength to accomplish this task I have set forth to do.

It is forcing us in the Watts home to think of creative ways to keep Anna occupied. The Other day we set up a pretend wash station for Anna's Dolls and this worked very well to keep her busy for quite some time. Anna wanted to share some pictures from the fun she had on Wash Day!!

The Dolls were all very Helpful!

Pressing the Clothes!

Hanging the Laundry!

Watch out Anna the baby is trying to escape again!

Even butterflies have to do there laundry!

Soon to come a sneak peak at what I have been sewing! We hope your having a blessed week filled with much Love, strong Faith, warm Sun, and overflowing Joy!

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me
Philippians 4:13


  1. I have found it very shocking too what the stores think my girls should be wearing. I am thankful that I learned to sew just after my youngest was born. Great photos!

    Happy sewing!!

  2. Dear Heather,

    How fun for Anna, and such good practice for being a mama someday! You remind me that I was going to put up a little clothesline for my girls outside :) .

    I can't wait to see the outfits; sometimes not having thrift stores around is a good thing, since they can become a crutch! Just think how much more meaningful Anna's wardrobe will be, with all the love sewn in.

    Good luck with finishing!




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