Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Enjoying Vacation

We are enjoying our vacation time with Adrian off for a week. Thanks for all the well wishes for our family. We have been taking lots of day trips around town exploring, hiking, snorkeling, and yes still catching things to look at and let go in those silly jars we have. We still have a few days left in vacation so who knows what else we will be able to squeeze into those jars to study!

The children caught lots of interesting fish at the Atoll pool the other day. They enjoyed taking their nets and chasing after all sorts of wonderful underwater creatures. Although my boys seem to not take notice to the size of what they are catching or if it has sharp teeth or thorns. And now I am having to ask them will that fit in the Jar??

I Am Sitting Here and Fishing
By Jack Pretlusky

I am sitting here and fishing
with my trusty rod and reel,
though I'd like to catch a snapper,
I would not refuse an eel,
and a pike would be delightful,
and a cod would be okay,
and a bass would be fantastic,
and a dace would make my day.


I am hoping for a haddock
I am eager for a bream,
and a perch would be perfection,
and a pompano supreme,
I'd be grateful for a grunion,
I would find a flounder fine,
I'd be tickled with a pickerel
or a mackerel on my line.


But I've yet to get a nibble
at this little fishing hole,
I've not seen a single salmon
or a solitary sole,
not a minature minnow,
not the sorriest sardine.....
when your fishing in the desert,
fish are few and far between....


Matthew 4:19 And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.


  1. Oh what is it?
    I loved getting to peek at what ever it is!
    Have fun for the rest of vacation!

  2. The top one is a puffer fish good thing it wasnt puffing when they put it in or took it out lol! and the bottom fish is a female cow fish the males are corvered in spikes ....I am sure my boys would still grab it even with spikes hehehe!

  3. Glad to hear you are enjoying your vacation. That is cool the boys caught a puffer fish. Loved the poem, that was cute...

    Thanks for sharing.

    Mrs. Teapot

  4. Oh, what fun! The fish are beautiful (I guess "cute" might be a better word)~I can't imagine finding critters like you have all around you. We get excited when we see a frog or snake!

    The poem was oh-so-fitting, too!



  5. So glad you are having fun and enjoying your vacation! Ya gotta love those mason jars!!

  6. sounds like you're having a super time! My husband has been enjoying fishing this summer, but I don't think he's caught anything like your boys have. Oh, and I love the Jack Pretlusky poem.:)

  7. SO COOL! Have a wonderful rest of your vacation!

  8. Love the poem and the photos! Quiet days at home are good too! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. very,very nice your work & your Family,Congratulation!!!!
    have a nice day,
    Claudia from Tenerife


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