Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Birthday Frock!

Anna's Friend from church is having a birthday and we decided to make her a pretty summer birthday dress. She is about the same size as Anna so I just used the pattern for Anna's everday dress. We hope she likes it!




  1. Oh Heather, your talent just keeps getting better and better!

    This little girl is just going to love this dress :-)

    ps: you have certainly done more sewing than I. My husband is away and it has thrown my schedule completely out of whack!


    lady m

  2. Greetings Heather,

    What a lovely spring dress. The fabric is cheery and very cute with the ladybugs and snails, etc. I am truly amazed at how quickly and easily you are able to 'whip' out a dress or skirt from a piece of fabric. What a blessing and talent from the Lord. I believe Anna's friend will like it very much. How special she will feel that a dress was personally made for her.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Mrs. Teapot

  3. Beautiful dress! Is the fabric a knit or woven?

  4. I'm sure she will love it--it's sooo adorable! Great job.:)


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