Monday, June 15, 2009

Nature Study


We woke up early this morning and made some nature journals and headed over to our favorite spot, ready to write and draw about all that we have been experiencing.



The Rovers

Over the fields we go, through the sweets of the purple clover,
That letters a message for us as for every vagrant rover;
Before us the dells are abloom, and a leaping brook calls after,
Feeling its kinship with us in lore of dreams and laughter.


Out of the valleys of moonlight elfin voices are calling;
Down from the misty hills faint, far greetings are falling;
Whisper the grasses to us, murmuring gleeful and airy,
Knowing us pixy-led, seeking the haunts of faery


The wind is our joyful comrade wherever our free feet wander,
Over the tawny wolds to the meres and meadows yonder;
The mild-eyed stars go with us, or the rain so swiftly flying,
Racing us over the wastes where the hemlocks and pines are sighing.


Across the upland dim, down through the beckoning hollow-
Oh, we go too far and fast for the feet of care to follow!
The gypsy fire in our hearts for the wilderness wide and luring;
Other loves may fail but this is great and enduring.


Other delights may pall, but the joy of the open never;
The charm of the silent places must win and hold us forever;
Bondage of walls we leave with never a glance behind us.
Under the lucent sky the delights of the rover shall find us.

- Lucy Maud Montgomery


  1. Greetings. The journals look very lovely. That was great you were able to wake up early with a set purpose and each of the children made their own journals... something they can have with them and maybe some day share it with their own families. The leaf drawings are very nice. I really enjoyed the poem by L.M. Montgomery... ah, that rover spirit. I think we all have a little bit inside of us ; )

    Thank you for sharing.
    -Mrs. Teapot

  2. I just enjoy all the neat ideas you have Heather, to enjoy God's beautiful creation!

    The nature journals is a wonderful idea to make and maintain. My children are also drawers but haven't tried the journals yet...I think this is something to think about for this upcoming year ;)

    Thanks again for sharing your blessed life with us...

    lady m

  3. Dear Heather,

    What wonderful memories your children will have when they're grown! I wish I'd had a nature journal when I was little. I'd know a lot more about things, I'm sure, if I'd written them down.




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