Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rain...Pressing Fairies....& Naughty Four O'Clocks


We had a day filled with Thunderstorms and it really looked like someone had used their water colors on the sky......Sometimes I think God sends rainy days to keep me in line and to make sure I am doing my laundry rather than off and wandering through the tall grass. And laundry I did and lots of it as well as some organizing and other busy work here in our home. Anna was invited to spend the day with her friend from church, so I did not have my little munchkin, and I certainly missed her following me around waiting for me to show her what I am doing. But I am sure she is enjoying spending some time with her friend.

On another note the last time I was out taking a walk I spotted some pretty purple flowers as well as some nice leaves. I was in a bit of a hurry so I grabbed them all and placed them in my nature study book. I thought they would look wonderful pressed. So I took our special wood edition of the Clue game off the shelf since it is a very heavy game I let that do the work of pressing what I had gathered.
When I opened my book today I was rather surprised to see that on accident I had grabbed a fairy and pressed her as well. I felt terrible, but it was an accident and she looks so nice with the purple flowers I think I will just leave her there.

Now I do not have a flower garden here where I live. But my Mother emailed me some pictures, beautiful pictures from her garden up north in Canada and I thought I would share them with you along with a poem. Thanks Mom for sending all those pretty pictures it reminds me of home.

Naughty Four O'Clocks
By Laura Ingalls Wilder
April 1915

There was some naughty flowers once,
Who were careless in their play;
They got their petals torn and soiled
As they swung in the dust all day.

Then went to bed at four o'clock
With faces covered tight
To keep the fairy Drop O' Dew
From washing them at night.

PPoor Drop hotobucket
Poor Drop O'dew! What could she do?
She said to the Fairy Queen,
"I cannot get those Four O' Clocks
To keep their faces clean."

The mighty Storm King heard the tale;
"My winds and rain,"roared he,
"Shall wash those naughty flowers well,
As flowers all should be."

So raindrops came and caught them all
Before they went to bed,
And washed those little Four O'Clocks
At three O'clock instead.


  1. Oh what a beautiful sky, Heather! They are quite beautiful to see the storm coming towards you...

    You know how I feel about flowers...breathtaking! ;)

    Thank you dear friend for sharing your day with us.

    lady m

    ps: I hope anna had a good time with her friend.

  2. That's all so pretty. The fairy is adorable!

  3. Dear Heather,

    Wow, a real live fairy, caught on paper! She does look well amid the pressings :) . The clouds DO look like a watercolor wash, wow. And I'd never seen that poem by Laura Ingalls Wilder; thanks for putting it on, and for your mom's flowers, too. So lovely. What would we do without flowers?



  4. I love the pics and the nature notebooks. I've been thinking about starting our nature notebooks again. We used to live on 75 acres of conservation land, but for the last year we've lived on one acre off a highway!

  5. We have learned to find nature no matter where we live. I think if most people saw where we lived they would be surprised at the adventures we have been able to have while living in an apartment! Sometimes you have to look around to find a quiet natural spot and other times if you just go outside and sit awhile nature comes right to you.
    ~Blessings :-)

  6. Love the picture of the sky... it almost looks like a mountain amidst fog. Your mother's flowers/garden are beautiful, so vibrant in color. Thank you for sharing. You always inspire be to be content where God has placed me.... I seem to have trouble with that.

    Mrs. Teapot


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