Friday, June 12, 2009

Blogging Fruit and Planting Seeds.....


The seed is the word of God...Luke 8:11b
"But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control." Galatians 5:22

Well there are fruits of the spirit and there are blogging fruits as well. It is so refreshing to see blogs that shine the light of Jesus into a rather cold cyber world. Where you can meet fellow Sisters through comments and Pray through posts....Laugh through photos and relate through words from our hearts.

You can glorify God in everything you do! When I recently posted about my husbands job and his upcoming trip. My kind blogging sisters so graciously responded with love and offered prayers of travelling mercies and protection for our family.

Those prayers were read by hundreds? How you ask. Adrian had a very interesting story to tell. At his work there is someone who's job it is to scour the Internet to look for stories related to the company. And behold this man stumbled on my blog and he took the post and linked it in an email as a news article for everyone in my husbands company to read along with other current news articles relating to his company.

My husband found out when he had many people from all over the world calling him asking what blogging was and who were these people that were praying for him and how this whole thing works!

Thanks so much blogging friends for shining the light on over here for your prayers and blessings you have planted some seeds all across the world with your kindness.
And opened opportunities of how as Christians we need not know each other face to face to pray and lift each other up spiritually.

Mrs. Teapot blessed me today with the uplifting blog award. What a sweet blog gift and we so appreciate the kind words Mrs. Teapot showers our family with. My children and husband love to read the comments as well. We began blogging as way to help us stay in touch with Adrian as he travels. But then we received an extra blessing by being able to meet some other bloggers who have kept us in prayer and company while Adrian is away and have helped to make that a little more easier for us.
Thanks so much Mrs. Teapot!


And I pass this award on to Anne over at Our HomeSchool I enjoy reading her posts even the ones just about her days as a mom. I feel encouraged and uplifted as I read about her experiences as a mother, wife and nurse. I like how Anne is so honest about life....I find that really refreshing. Thanks Anne for all your encouragement over here at my blog! And now Anne you can pass it on to another blog that uplifts you. Many Blessings from our Family to yours!

We have a few blogs that we enjoy visiting that we would like to share with you.

Blossoming Where I am planted~ All sorts of wonderful posts~ Great biblical insight!

Lady M Lavender's Cottage ~All sorts of lovely posts, sewing, gardening, you name it!
And encouragement and teaching from the bible.

Sweet Felicity Home~ Beautiful Family ~ Wonderful nature pictures~ Encouraging words

Outside The Box~ Amazing crafter!~ Makes me hungry with her dessert photos!

Tara's Rambling ~ Fellow Weaver! Fabulous Scrapbooker! Great seeing Germany and being encouraged by how she uses the Weaver curriculum

My Life and Homeschooling! ~ Great to see how another Mom is handling homeschooling and she is even doing the once a month cooking now! WOW!

Lil Momma's Haven~ Fellow Weaver! Great encourager and lots of biblical insight

Farming On Faith ~ all sorts of great info over here.... She can give you pointers on anything homemade!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these things. I really enjoy reading your blogs as well.:) It is so nice to be encouraged by other Christian women who aim to live godly by biblical standards, rather than what the world has to offer. Have a wonderful weekend! --Theo @ outside the box!:)

  2. Dear Heather,

    I agree with Mrs. Teapot, you are a very uplifting blogger! It's nice to see you recognized.

    Haved a beautiful day,



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