Thursday, June 11, 2009

Memoir in a nutshell..with a side of Testimony!


Well Lady M' at the Lavender Cottage has encouraged me to post some facts about myself and I thought hmmmmm I can do that but as I stare at the computer screen I think hmmmm can I do that hehehehe!!

Well rather than just 10 facts I will give you a brief bio! It may end up being more information than you want to know but hey you will definitely know this blogger better by time you get to the end!

First I will say my name is Heather, and here is where the story begins I will try and give you the condensed soup version. I was born in the United States but my parents divorced when I was 6. I moved back to Canada with my Mom after the divorce which is where she is originally from. I was fortunate I have great parents and my Dad came and picked us up on the weekends including my older brother by 2 years and I would go and spend that time in the U.S.

When I was 17.5 years old and I made the decision to finish high school in the U.S.A. I thought I would probably go to college in the US so it made sense to me. My plans did not quite work out how I had hoped.

At 17.5 years old I was in a terrible car accident I was not wearing my seatbelt and riding with someone under the influence and he fell asleep at the wheel. The car went off an embankment and I was thrown from the car and hit a tree( I know it is amazing I am alive and all I broke was an arm) My right arm broke 2 surgeries and I wanted to major in Art so my plans seem to be going down the drain. But it wasn't to long from that point that I met my husband and my plans kind of took a detour. I finished high school and started college but ended up marrying my husband at the age of 20.

We had a wonderful wedding and promptly decided to pack it up and move to Alaska. So we loaded up our car and off we went with our Parents from both sides screaming in the background I quote "You better not have any children up there" ...meaning they would like to be grandparents but close by lol!

Well we did start having children Noah was the first. Pregnancy does not suit my body at all and had constant complications with all three and loads of terrifying awful experiences that by the Grace of God I made it through yet again. Adrian's blood is not compatible with mine and it is not RH factor it is something called a Kell titer?? or something like that so there is no treatment for it. The amazing thing is I had three children and they did not even figure this out till the last one! I should not be able to carry any technically ~God is Good right all the time!

By the time my second son was born I was not in the best shape spiritually. I had two intense pregnancies followed by a miscarriage and we were also dealing with the recovery of Noah from a serious illness and a brain injury and I was really not doing well with the extreme stress I was going through. And the financial strain from all the medical bills was crippling us.

My husband met a man at his work who offered to do a bible study with him. My husband was an Atheist at the time. And after several weeks of bible study this young man wanted to know if I would like to join in. So the following week we did a study on John 3:16 and this young man who had grown to be our friend asked me some very candid questions about my faith he knew I was Catholic but not attending church. I very candidly answered back that my faith was on hold and that when I sorted all this stuff out then I would go back to God! Ha! can you imagine I would still be trying to figure it all out. Our friend planted many seeds in Adrian and I that day and not very long from that study they did bloom....both Adrian and I surrendered our lives to Jesus Christ, and have been blessed and transformed with our burdens lifted we had hope for the first time.

We stayed in Alaska 5 years moved back to NY to be near our family and Anna was born. We were there a few years and Adrian's job asked him to move to Florida so here we are!

Adrian and I have now been married 14 years and in September I will be turning 35. I will confess I am trying to hang on to 34 but I see it leaving swiftly.

We have been homeschooling for 3 years now and have been blessed to share The Weaver Curriculum with others and have the blessing of using the Weaver with them sharing our homeschooling journey here in Florida!

My husband and I are currently directing the Children's Ministry at Mosaic Miami Church and enjoying this new journey in service to the Lord.

Now you know my story here are some facts about me and I will try to think of some things you might not know!

Terrified of Butterflies, and driving on the Highway(still working on this from my above mentioned accident hope to over come this one!)

Allergic to Gluten, MSG, Nitrates, Pineapple, certain Perfumes and Dyes....

I do not know how to swim.

still sleep with a teddy bear.

Love to read..........especially the classics

I play violin (not very well)

I just started with my art again this year, have not picked up the paint brushes since my accident.

I have been growing my hair out for about 7 years lol but I am really trying and praying it will happen this time lol!

I have a serious issues with cookies.....can't find any reason why not to eat them every day lol!

My drink African Rooibos Red Tea with Soymilk

I hate public speaking or talking in general....and can totally relate to Moses... and hope for an Aaron to show up hehehe! I think that is where Adrian comes in he is the exact opposite and a fabulous public speaker and talks well in general. I have a hard time communicating verbally and can come across as shy or standoffish at first until you get to know me.

The last fact about me is if you ask if I have any regrets.....I have 1 regret and that is that I did not see Jars of Clay when they were at our old church (live band small venue ugh! bet it was awesome).........when I saw everyone at church the next day and there tshirts were autographed I new I had regretted it lol!

So you may find this interesting it may be boring but this is me. I love my life, God has been so gracious and merciful to me and my family and I would change nothing.

We love him, because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19


  1. Dear Heather,

    What a testimony! Wow, the Lord sure had your life planned so well. Isn't He wonderful?

    You lived in of the 5 places I want to visit before I die. Miami, well, I have lived there and it did not agree with me, too hispanic...if you could believe that, hehehe!

    Thank you dear friend for sharing so much. I feel so blessed everytime I stop by and you share your day with me.

    May Our Lord continue to bless you and your family,

    lady m

  2. Dear Heather,

    Thank you for sharing your life's bio. Clearly the hand of the Lord has been with you and your family. It has been my pleasure getting to know about you and your family. You are an encouragement and blessing.

    Mrs. Teapot

  3. Glad you made it through the post lol Whoa it was a long one.........Thanks for the sweet comments ~Blessings Heather

  4. What a wonderful story that is full of God's goodness to you and your family.
    I love to read other peoples testimonies as they encourage me and remind me of what God has done for me and my family as well.

  5. Hi Heather!

    I loved reading a little about your life story! Thanks for sharing it! (And I know what you mean about speaking in public...=)

    I will be praying for you and your sweet family. May He bless you richly!


    p.s. I am amazed at how much you and your daughter look alike! Uncanny! You are two cuties! =)


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