Saturday, June 6, 2009

The split skirt!

We ordered a new pattern and it came in the mail this week. It is called Tessa's Bloomers, and this is a super easy to make split skirt.
Anna is kicking up her heels in excitement. I think she took them off the machine before I could even snip the threads. She can run, jump, skip, hop, and do all the things she loves to do and look just so lovely doing it!
You can actually barely even tell that these are not a skirt. I think I may have to peel these off of her.
We also purchased the fabric to make the bloomers from Marie Madeline Studio. I have a feeling that I will be sewing a few more of these this week. We also tested them out at the birthday party Anna attended today. It just so happened that the birthday party was at a gymnastics building. I am happy to say these bloomers passed with flying colors Anna was able to do all sorts of gymnastics and had a great time in her new bloomers!


  1. What a cute "skirt"! Isn't it nice to have someone appreciate the work you putting into making nice things for them?

    Have a blessed day,



  2. What a great 'skort'. The fabric is very nice. Your daughter looks lovely. Keep them coming..... ; )

  3. I love this, I'll have to sew up something like this for my daughter. Although I do have her wear shorts under skirts and dresses sometimes I think this would be better.
    And Yours looks so cute and comfy!


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