Monday, June 1, 2009

Some new recycled treasures

We took a drive this weekend out to Trash to Treasure the clean scrap recycling center and found all sorts of goodies.
They had tons of great fabric in and I probably came home with about 30 yards of all sorts of fabric and one pretty yellow vintage bedsheet. The exciting thing about this place is you just never know what you will find. Liam found some Legos, Noah found some old maps. Anna found nylon material to make a kite. We even found some really nice old books. And it is all free with your membership and such a blessing this place is to the community.

Some new material.....

Lots of old buttons.....

Some vintage books....

Daddy said yes to some ice cream on the way home Mommy went Aghhhhhhhhhhhh at the mess! Anna managed to cover herself the car and anyone nearby in ice cream.

We have greeted Monday with lots of interesting twists. Adrian had to fly out at 4am which caused me to sleep in from my initial early wake up. Then after we were really awake we discovered that we had sugar ants all over the kitchen and dining room. Not the sort of thing I had in mind for monday. So we spent several hours spraying cleaning vacuming and in my desperation I even sprinkled cinnamon in our closet on the rug. This is not a good idea cinnamon stains and should probably be used outside lol! Yes I was blinded by frustration of the sugar ant.

Well even with all our morning hiccups we still made it to the library and picked up some groceries. I just finished lesson plans for Children's Church and it is time to set the adventures of our day aside put our feet up, listen to the rain, and drink some nice hot tea. We will crack open the new treasure we have found with the yellowed pages and faint musty odor and get lost in another time with The Glorious Whitewasher by Mark Twain. And put the chaos of the morning behind us and enjoy just another rainy summer day here in Miami.

This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24



  1. It sounds like your morning was a bit of a surprise. Ants are wonderful but only in the garden. ;-)


    lady m

    ps: I am so glad that you are getting rain.

  2. Greetings,

    Wow, that Trash to Treasure is really cool... wish we had something over here in upstate New York. Can't wait to see what you will 'whip' out with the lovely rainbow of fabrics you found. The smile on your son's face is priceless.

    I found it interesting that you put cinnammon on the rug. Does that help with sugar ants?

    Sounds like you were able to wrap up the morning and settle down to a quieter and nicer end to your day. Let us know how the book is going.

    Mrs. Teapot


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