Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anna will do anything for Chocolate Ice Cream !

Well as the saga continues of the last week in the high rise apartment most of the kitchen is packed except for my giant pot. Which I have been using to try and cook up the last of everything in the freezer so I do not have to move frozen food as well. Unfortunately for Anna she is not enjoying my one pot wonders at all. The good news is we have some ice cream left in the freezer which has been a wonderful incentive for Anna to eat my creative clean out the freezer meals. I wouldn't say she is enjoying it though hehehe!!
Is it really worth Chocolate Ice Cream????

Trying what her brothers told her eat it super fast!!

Maybe if I just keep it in my cheeks forever that would work??


  1. I totally understand her :) But chocolate ice cream...ummm


    ps: counting the days!

    Lady M

  2. the expression on her face in the last photo...LOL

  3. This is hilarious!
    What cute kids you have!



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