Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Recent Recycled Sewing

I have been working through some of the fabric I got second hand at the recycling center for clean scrap. I first made a purse for myself. My style of purse is the kind you can sling over you like a messenger bag but not as large as one since you really do not need to carry that much stuff. And for some reason if I have a large purse I stuff it full to the brim LOL !! I lined the purse with a remnant of old fabric that I got second hand it is this very pretty orange oriental print. I thought afterwards I should have embroidered something on it and put my new sewing machine to good use. Next purse will definately be embroidered.
I also made a tunic style blouse out of some material that seems old but not vintage. It feels super soft though and I am sure it will be nice to wear on a hot and muggy typical Miami day!
Another recycled project I made recently is the peasant or gypsy skirt out of some second hand Vera Bradley material. This looks fabulous with a white blouse I tried it out on Sunday. And I like how this skirt is very long it has a nice dramatic effect. I usually wear skirts below the knee and about midcalf so this was a nice change. The material is actually a dark red it is hard to tell the colors in this photo.

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  1. You are very talented! I really like the long skirts, especially the tier ones. They add a nice effect and you can dress them up and down.

    The bag and the tunic are very nice. The tunics are so flattering on almost every figure.


    Lady M

    ps: how is your son doing? you haven't posted and with your move and all I hope he is doing much better.

    Lady M


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