Sunday, April 19, 2009

Having Fun With Scraps!

Well times are not quite as tight as the depression but our family like many others has found ourselves reevaluating how to trim things up in our home. Our family has always tried to honor God with our finances and be good stewards with the money HE places in our hands. And even recently have been making a lot of changes we have gone down to one car we will be moving to a cheaper apartment and were paying attention more at the grocery store and every where else we go. I think all this has been a great blessing for me creatively it has me wasting a lot less and using scraps a lot more. I'll be honest with you in the past I have tossed some of my scrap fabric. But you won't find me doing that anymore. There is a lot you can do with scraps. You can make clothes from scraps ,quilts, appliques, potholders, pillow, purses etc ....the sky is the limit really!
Check below for some fun things to do with scraps
This is a great way to use up your scrap fabric. And you can make a project like this as complicated as you want but I like to keep it simple. I cut the fabric out to form the picture and then pin it to the fabric and sew it on with a tight zig zag stich. Bee Pattern Click Here

This shirt I made for Anna is made out of scraps. I had to sew several odd pieces together to be able to make this shirt. But I think it makes the shirt even more unique. These are scraps that you might otherwise get rid of. This is simplicity pattern 4206 super easy peasant blouse.

Now mine are all packed so I have no pictures to show but potholders are something everyone needs and make great presents and are a super way to use up your left over quilt batting and scrap fabric. Click Here for Instructions

Here are some more links for your scrap enjoyment! Have Fun!!
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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is exactly what I have been thinking about posting and you bit me to it :)

    The blouse, the applique...absolutely lovely :)


    Lady M


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