Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trash 2 Treasure

We snuck a trip in today to one of my favorite places in South Florida. It is called Trash 2 Treasure and it is this really cool place where a bunch of people came together and organized a recycling center where local businesses and people in the community bring in clean scrap. Which turns out to be alot of great stuff. Today we went to get some large cardboard tubes to put our fishing poles in for the move. But my favorite section there is the fabric section. They have tons of fabric especially decorating fabric the stuff that costs 20$ or more a yard....which is great if you want to make curtains or pillows. Today though I found a plastic tub underneath all this scrap fabric that looked like it had been dropped off and had gotten buried and never been touched. I found yards and yards of great fabric which will be several of my future skirts I am sure as well as a dress or two for Anna. I also found some old patterns which I love especially anything that is 15 to 20 years old they just seem to be more modest. The pattern I really like is for a very pretty mother & daughter long nightgown. It has a lace inset that I would probably replace with eyelet instead. And the greatest thing is it was all free for me today. When you buy a year membership you get 12 visits and you bring home as much as you want. And a couple months ago I had purchased a membership so today was free. I also found a rather large I would say 16 by 20 cross stitch sampler that is really cute that I think I will put in a frame. I can't wait until we move and I can set up my sewing machine!!!


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