Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kimono Dress Part 2

Well some might say I am determined. I am not the sort to give up easy lol ...I continued to make another attempt at the kimono dress since I am looking for an easy every day dress pattern for Anna that I can quickly make a few dresses that are comfy and play well. Without the added headache of zippers and buttons. I was happy with my 3rd attempt and even remembered to save the pattern changes. The fabric I used for this dress was some of that 2nd hand fabric I picked up last time I was at Trash 2 Treasure.With all these trial runs I am happy I picked up all that free fabric. She still will probably have to wear something under it for modesty but I think that if you are going to make a dress that has no zippers or buttons that is to be expected since you have to leave the neck opening wide enough it can be pulled over head. Which has me thinking again maybe I should switch to jumpers that can just be worn with a Tshirt! Uh oh watch out the light bulb has gone on again ehehehe!! stay tuned to see what makes the cut as the everyday Anna dress.


  1. oh she looks lovely! :~)

    I am a bit envious...she is wearing sandals :)


    Lady M

    ps: you have certainly mastered this pattern. Jumpers are going to be a piece of cake for you ;)

  2. It looks very sweet!!! Tara who hates to sew


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