Monday, April 27, 2009

Wind Swept Monday ~Life in a High Rise

This is our last week in the high rise and I am excited that we will get a little break from the wind. Wind was something we had not thought much about when we took this apartment. I was looking more at the granite counter tops lol .....But wind has been a real issue for us. The wind is extremely loud in the apartment and many times it is so windy the patio is not usable. I have even caught our patio furniture in midair as it was about to be lifted up and over and off the balcony. Those were the super mom reflexes kicking in lol!! It made me think about how amazing wind is and how amazing God the creator of wind is.
"You lift me up to the wind and cause me to ride; And You dissolve me in a storm." Job 30:22
Here are some pictures of Anna riding on the wind!!



Anna does not mind the wind one bit! Her glass is half full!


  1. My, how breath-taking (literally!) :) !

    Have a wonderful day,


  2. The winds in Miami are quite fierce...Praise the Lord it is only for a few more days...

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Lady M


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