Friday, April 17, 2009

Kimono Dress

I have been so determined to get this pattern figured out. I am taking a Simplicity Pattern 2677 and tweaking it so that it will not require zippers or buttons and just pulls over the head.This just happens to be one of my favorite style of everyday dress for a girl with the mock wrap/ kimono front. I think some pockets on the front would be a nice addition as well. So far I am close but not quite there yet I need to bring in the bodice more so that it is more fitted. In the mean time until I get it worked out Anna could care less that the dresses are not how I want them and is happy to wear them and enjoying her new outfits. And since the opening is a little big she wears a white t-shirt underneath. I was glad to see on pattern review that another mom who made this thought the back zipper was not a good addition as well. She also took out the zipper and made it without.



  1. Beautiful...she looks so comfortable and very pretty :)

    I try to sew dresses like this for my little girl and most show pictures just like you.

    Thank you for inspiring the rest of us,

    Lady M

  2. that top one...nothing like red it

  3. It turned out lovely! I love it! :)


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