Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thunderstorms .....Brown Boxes.....and Kimono Dresses

Well Miami is hosting the seasonal thunderstorms today. I personally like being visited by the rain. It is amazing to watch the thunder storms roll in off the balcony in the high rise. It looks like a wall of water rolling through the sky. And the rain itself looks so different from a higher vantage point. The only downer is the Internet has been really spotty today making it hard to blog.


But then the view when you turn around from the balcony and look into our apartment is a whole different story. Then you see the giant wall of brown boxes. Brown boxes are basically everywhere and it is driving us a little nutty. Since the walls feel like there closing in. And with the narrowing of the hallways and rooms Lucy is constantly under foot. I actually tripped right over her the other day and fell to the ground. Luckily it was a fairly nice fall as far as falls go and I was not hurt. And quickly came to the conclusion we will need to take a break from school. Don't ask me how tripping over the dog and schooling goes together lol???? So we will finish up this week and take a 2 week break for our move. Aghhhhh I am breathing a sigh of relief. I have no idea how I thought I could swing school and the move.


Now back to the Kimono Dress. I was feeling pretty confident about this pattern I drafted for the dress after sewing it 3 times. And I knew what last adjustments I wanted to make on it so I decided to go ahead and pull out my better fabric and try it out. This was still a little risky since this attempt would be making it out of knit which I had not tried with the pattern yet. And I also decided to change the sleeve. I did not like how the cap sleeve left this huge gape underarm making it very immodest. I found a sleeve from an ottobre dress pattern and decided to chance it and go with it. I was really happy how this dress turned out. It has the wrap front so no zippers, sewed up great with the knit fabric, and sleeves solved my last issue with the dress. I am feeling rather content with this pattern now and will set it aside and tackle a very cute Ottobre Dress that once again has the dreaded back zipper that I will attempt to remove from the pattern.


  1. The pictures of your boxes have brought a smile to my lips. That was me 2 years ago but I was moving a house of 30 rooms, if you could believe it :)

    The dress is definately coming along great...but a question, why do you dislike zippers so much?


    Lady M

  2. hmmmmmmmmm good questions lol! I have no idea why I don't like zippers ;-)

  3. Oh! Look at all those boxes! You have done so much! I hope and pray the move goes well for you!

    The dress is lovely! Zippers are so hard. I just finally figured out how to do one too this week. Very tricky but not too bad.

    Have a beautiful day!

  4. I love this dress--great job!:)

  5. shudder at the boxes....ew...shudder.

    Love th dress-you did awesome!


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