Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nonna's Quilt

Okay I was not packing today I should have been but I wasn't.I think at this point I am looking for any reason not to pack :-) I was working on Nonna's Quilt. I did not want to pack it away I just can't stand unfinished projects, and I was worried that we would be so busy unpacking over the next few months it would be one of those projects you always meant to finish but never really got to. I would have been able to finish it but I ran out of binding.....ugh so frustrating I was so close lol .... I needed like 3 inches to finish the bottom corner. I feel pretty confident that I will finish that corner this week and have it off in the mail in time for mothers day. I was hoping it would make it in time for her birthday but it just didn't happen. Hopefully it will help brighten up her room in the nursing home. Liam looks really tall but he is actually standing on a chair.


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