Monday, April 13, 2009

Life in A High Rise~

Well if I had time to look at a calendar I would be able to tell you how many days are left until we conclude this adventure with our family and we will no longer be living in a High Rise. It was definately an interesting experience and you can't beat being next to the beach, a state park, breath taking views and sunrise off the balcony every morning. But I am excited to be moving into the town house and to have something more family friendly. And we definately will not miss the elevators it will be nice to just walk in the front door as well as the challenge of dragging the groceries from the parking garage up to the floor we live on and all the interesting things that you do not think of until you move into a high rise. I thought I would post some pictures in case your curious of what it looks like to live in a High Rise.


  1. You certainly have brought back a great deal of memories from our time in Miami. I have visited friends and family that lives in high rises and love it there. It was not for our family. I am glad that you will be moving to what you and your family need right now :)

    Waiting for the elevators is never fun...especially when you have a shopping cart full of groceries and a child that needs changing...

    Thank you for sharing,

    Lady M

    ps: I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. As happy as you may be to leave, your kids will always remember what it felt like to live in a high-rise. It's kind of neat to those that don't live in one. However, I can understand how it would lose some of its allure with elevators and parking garages.

  3. My hubby and I would love to live near the beach. A warm water beach. We live in New England.


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